FILM MOSAIC: Leave No One Behind

This initiative was supported by The New Democracy Fund through the New Cooperation Fund.

About the project

Film Mosaic is a global short film competition about non-discriminatory design solutions in the built, grown and planned environment, aimed at documenting and creating an understanding of the diversity of the spatial realities in which the UN’s Leave No One Behind agenda must be resolved, generating and promoting new insights about non-discriminatory cities, residential areas, buildings, housing solutions, object designs, building materials, infrastructure, food production, and other urban practices.


The collection of experiences of inclusive design is encouraged via film & architecture workshops organized with partner institutions, through which the project strives to democratize access to filmmaking and disseminates knowledge about inclusive design. Film is employed as powerful communication tool to catalyze conversations about how the most pressing urban issues intertwine larger socio-economic and environmental injustices with systemic gender discrimination, structural racism, inequality based on income, health and mobility, and about architectural solutions to these.


Throughout the year 2022 Copenhagen Architecture Festival has collaborated with with Tbilisi Architecture Biennial and NAFAS LGBT Azerbaijan Alliance to organize film and architecture workshops around the Caucasus. During the workshops participants learned about the UN’s Leave No One Behind agenda in relation to architecture and produce their own short film documenting an inclusive design solution they found in the build, grown and planned environment around them.


The public premieres of the best films took place in Copenhagen, Tbilisi and Baku, where filmmakers and project partners had the chance to meet and discuss the necessity of designing more inclusive cities for all.


All the films produced during the workshops can be watched online here.

About the organisation

Copenhagen Architecture Festival, the biggest architecture festival in Scandinavia and the biggest film and architecture festival in the world, is a well-established institution working at the intersection of film and architecture. The focus of the festival has since its inauguration been on the social and political aspects of architecture and urban planning, exploring and communicating how building practices are shaped by politics and ideology, while at the same time framing and impacting our behavior.


Tbilisi Architecture Biennial was founded in 2017 and gathers professionals from diverse disciplines, policy makers, stakeholders and the local public to critically discuss a topic connected to architecture and urban issues.


Nushi Film was founded in 2015 and is a socially oriented film production studio based in Georgia, but active in the European panorama as well. The film studio has participated in various festivals, workshops and international events.


Nafas LGBTI Azerbaijan Alliance is an independent LGBTI+ rights organisation that promotes the diversity and integration of marginalised communities into social, political life, and the advancement of human rights discourse in line with the principle of justice and equality.

Project details
Country Azerbaijan, Georgia
Thematic areas Gender, Media, Youth
Funding New Cooperation Fund
Time frame January – December 2022


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