Flexible Response Mechanism

Please note: The Flexible Response Mechanism unfortunately have a temporary stop for admission of applications. We expect to open for applications again soon.


The “Flexible Response Mechanism” supports sudden needs and emerging opportunities in the Eastern Neighbourhood Countries.


The Flexible Response Mechanism represents The New Democracy Fund’s ability to provide rapid financial and capacity development support to Civil Society Organisations (CSO) in the Eastern Neighbourhood Countries – Armenia,  Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine – that preferably have a Danish CSO partner, and that previously have received support from that partner.


These Flexible Response funds are channelled through The New Democracy Fund to support to strengthen democratic civil society and lasting sustainable regional networks, between civil society organisations in Denmark and the Eastern Neighbourhood Countries.


Do you have any questions? Please reach out to us at rapidresponse@newdemocracyfund.org

Who can apply?

Flexible Response Mechanism is for civil society organisations, human rights defenders, artists, documentarists, and journalists in emergencies, conflict, and serious political or legislative change.


All civil society organisations from the Eastern Neighbourhood Countries with Danish partners, and civil society organisations in Denmark with partners in the Eastern Neighbourhood Countries are invited to apply for the Flexible Response Mechanism.


How to apply

There is no deadline for applying – all applicants will be contacted as soon as possible.

NDF RRF Application form (word)


Read more about the Flexible Response Mechanism and how to apply:

NDF RRF Guidelines in English (word)

NDF RRF Guidelines in English (PDF)


Руководство для заявителей – PDF

Руководство для заявителей – Word