Flexible Response Mechanism

Apply for funding through the Flexible Response Mechanism

The Flexible Response Mechanism supports civil society organisations in the Eastern Neighbourhood Countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine – in a flexible and fast way in a highly unpredictable and turbulent environment.    


The total yearly budget for Flexible Response Mechanism is DKK 5,000,000. 

Who can apply? 

The Flexible Response Mechanism supports a broad variety of civil society actors, including (but not limited to):  

  • Human rights defenders 
  • Artists and/or cultural non-governmental organisations 
  • Journalists and documentarists 
  • Trade unions or other non-governmental labour organisations;  
  • Associations, networks or any other organisation that represents a certain voice/group in a society 
  • Civil society actors in the Eastern Neighbourhood Countries currently in exile with a previous or existing partnership with a Danish organisation 

…that are under pressure due to:   

  • emergencies; 
  • war and/or conflict; 
  • drastic change in political or legislative context (positive or negative);  
  • rapidly closing space and/or fundamental human rights under threat;  
  • deterioration of legislative framework and legal protection;  
  • sudden political tension or polarisation;  
  • external and/or internal threat to the existence or unhindered operations.    

Please note, that all applicants must have a Danish-based organisation as a partner. Consortium member organisations of the New Democracy Fund can be such a partner.  

What kind of initiatives are supported? 

The Flexible Response Mechanism strives to support projects that focus on:  

  • Countering restrictions and human rights abuses, to overcome risks and emergencies and reclaim civic space   
  • Using new windows of opportunity and new political openings   
  • Providing emergency assistance to individuals of all genders and groups under threat, where the support is channelled through a civil society organisation 

Maximum grant amount awarded: 400.000 DKK. Co-financing is allowed if needed.
Timeframe: max. 1 year. Please note, that all activities must be concluded before the end of 2026 

How to apply

Please, read the full guidelines before applying: 

Flexible Response Guidelines 2023

In order to apply, please fill out the following forms in English:

Application, budget, and work plan should be sent to: frm@newdemocracyfund.org 

Deadline for submission:
Rolling application deadline


Applications are handled on a rolling basis. Potential applicants should expect a processing time of four to six weeks.


We kindly ask that all questions are sent to frm@newdemocracyfund.org