Why we work

Making a Difference in the EU’s Eastern Neighborhood Countries

At New Democracy Fund, we believe in the power of contributing to positive change by strengthening civil societies, by making them more independent, inclusive, resilient, and responsive.


Dialogue and cooperation with our partners is at the center of what we aim to do.


Our mission is clear: to foster progress in the Eastern Neighborhood Countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine) by promoting democracy, human rights, and gender equality.


Democracy: No democracy is perfect – yet we firmly believe that democratic values form a bedrock of a just and progressive society. We are committed to strengthening democratic institutions and organisations, advocating for transparency, and ensuring the voices of the people are heard and respected.


Human Rights: Upholding human rights principles is at the core of our values. In the Eastern Neighborhood Countries, we support initiatives that protect and promote human rights, creating societies where human dignity is preserved, and justice is accessible to all.


Gender Equality: We recognise that gender equality is not just about justice; it is also a driving force behind development and progress. Our organisation is dedicated to empowering women and marginalized people, breaking down barriers, and enabling every individual to participate in decision-making processes and contribute to the advancement of their communities.


Together with our partners, we envision the EU’s Eastern Neighborhood countries as vibrant, inclusive, and democratic societies, where human rights and gender equality are respected. While there is much work ahead, this vision is the driving force behind everything we do:


This is why we go to work.