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Cultural Rights Manual

In cooperation with the Danish Cultural Institute, we have published the Cultural Rights Manual to intensify the focus on what cultural rights are and how they can be used. Cultural rights are part of our universal human rights, and their definition is broad: they include the right to education, the right to participate in cultural life, the right to benefit from scientific progress and its applications, and the rights of authors. The Cultural Rights Manual touches upon multiple aspects of culture and cultural rights in relation to both human rights, diversity, sustainability, freedom, gender, climate and more.

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Gender Analysis in the cultural field of Armenia

This report is one of the first attempts to understand and estimate the environment on gender policy in the contemporary cultural field of Armenia. In the analysis, we used the results of a qualitative study while incorporating some elements of a quantitative survey. The gender analysis aims to identify trends and fundamental issues of gender equality, women’s role and engagement, the rights and freedom of expression of the LGBTQ+ community in the cultural space of Armenia within the period 2018-2021.

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Analysis of cultural policy models and funding mechanisms of the culture sector in Eastern Europe

This report is an analysis of the financing models in various post-Soviet countries (Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia) and European countries (Croatia, Estonia, Romania, and Switzerland). Through this analysis the report provides concrete recommendations on how to develop the sphere of culture and cultural policy in Belarus. Today, the cultural sphere of Belarus is fragmented, a wave of repression 2021-2022 eliminated most independent non-governmental cultural organizations in Belarus, which makes it very difficult to implement an independent cultural policy.

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