Support to independent media in Moldova

This initiative was supported by The New Democracy Fund through the Rapid Response Fund.

About the initiative

The project aims to support the media freedom and development of Jurnal TV and enhance its financial sustainability, in order to continue to deliver information and objectively cover the war in Ukraine. Priorities are ensuring the production and broadcast of news bulletins and investigative TV programs, since ensuring the continuous production and broadcast of news bulletins is essential to enable citizens of Moldova to know what is happening in Ukraine and to clarify events so they may form their own conclusions.

About the organisation

Jurnal TV Moldova is an independent generalist media outlet in Moldova, launched in 2010.

Partner organisation

International Media Support is part of the consortium behind The New Democracy Fund. International Media Support is the largest development organisation in the Nordic Region. They work in more than 30 countries across four continents promoting press freedom, good journalism, and safety for journalists.

Project details
Country Moldova
Thematic areas Media
Funding Rapid Response Fund
Project start July – December 2022
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