Support to charity foundation “Vostok SOS”

This initiative was supported by The New Democracy Fund through the Rapid Response Fund.

About the initiative

The aim of the initiative is to support Charity Foundation  “Vostok SOS” to continue the implementation of emergency assistance programs, as well as to support the integration of internally displaced persons. The main activities of Vostok SOS  include mobilizing and managing a network of NGOs, ensuring evacuation, providing  basic humanitarian supplies and psychosocial support to internally displaced persons and other war-affected people, as well as documentation of human rights violations.

About the organisation

Charity Foundation “Vostok SOS” is a non-governmental organization that provides comprehensive assistance to internally displaced persons and victims of the russian war in Ukraine. Its activities are aimed at strengthening the civil society, building the capacity of local communities, promoting democratic values, human rights, the rule of law, and achieving sustainable development in the eastern regions and in Ukraine as a whole.

Partner organisation

Danish Cultural Institute is part of the consortium behind The New Democracy Fund. Danish Cultural Institute is a self-governing institution. Since 1940 DCI have been engaged in creating mutual understanding and people-to-people relations between Denmark and other countries to promote intercultural dialogue, mutual exchanges, democratic participation, and the tackling of societal challenges.

Project details
Country Ukraine
Thematic areas Culture
Funding Rapid Response Fund
Project start April 2022


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