Safe Space for young activists and internally displaced people in Lviv

This initiative was supported by The New Democracy Fund through the Rapid Response Fund.

About the project

The project’s purpose is to support the young people and internally displaced people in Ukraine and provide various activities, such as art-therapy meetings, and creative workshops for kids, including music and theatre performances. The activities also include the extra master classes and training to prepare and rehearse a big Christmas Concert «Circle of Paradise». The joint art practices and innovative performances unite youth from various locations in creating and preserving ancient cultural traditions. Also, YMCA LVIV provides a safe space for teens and children out-of-school activities. Children and teens can get assistance in doing their homework, learning Ukrainian and English languages, doing art and intellectual activities. YMCA Lviv also provides informative courses on human rights through legal assistance. The information and consultations will be provided by local activists based on a peer-to-peer approach.

About the organisation

YMCA Lviv is a youth democratic organisation that emphasises transparency and youth-led governing.  The organisation focuses on training and empowering youth as well as promoting Ukrainian culture and independence, national identity, and democracy.

Project details
Country Ukraine
Thematic areas Youth, Culture
Funding Rapid Response Fund
Time frame August-December 2022


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