Concert with Shchedryk children’s choir

At the end of August, the award-winning children’s choir “Shchedryk” reunited in Denmark with the help of the Danish media Zetland and support from the New Democracy Fund.


“I was afraid that I would never see my friends again, but now we are reunited, and it makes me so happy.” 11 year old, Olha Fedko says.


The singers in Shchedryk are from 11 to 16 years old. The choir, which is normally based in Kyiv, were planning its 50th anniversary when the war broke out in Ukraine.


Since the outbreak of the war, the children have been living in refuge all over Europe, but at the end of August 2022, they reunited in Denmark to sing together for the first time since February.


Read more about the choir and see a video clip of their performance in Copenhagen here (in Danish) or here (in English).

Picture from Shchedryks concert at Zetland Live at Folketeatret in Copenhagen. Photo credits: Kaare Sørensen. 
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