Mariam Yeghiazaryan

The 21th of September is the Independence Day in Armenia. Here you can read Mariam Yeghiazaryan’s thoughts on why it is a significant date, and what it means to her personally.


Why is this day significant?


“The day holds profound significance as Armenia enters its 32nd year of independence amidst a complex geopolitical landscape. The nation’s steadfast pursuit of democratic principles and sovereignty faces challenges from states and “allies” with differing interests and values. The post-war crisis, ongoing military escalations, and neo-colonial threats further compound the situation. In this context, Armenia is compelled to reimagine the very essence of statehood and independence, emphasizing their fundamental importance. Thus, this day is more than a celebration; it symbolizes Armenia’s resilience and determination to uphold its core values amid formidable challenges.”


What is significant about this day to you personally?


“Independence for my country holds immeasurable value to me personally because it represents the collective dreams and aspirations of generations who have fought for self-determination. It signifies the freedom to shape our own destiny, to uphold our heritage, and to fight for prosperity and justice on our terms. Independence is not just a political status; it is the foundation upon which our national identity rests, enabling us to preserve our language, traditions, and values. It empowers us to address internal challenges and external pressures with freedom and resilience.
This day, along with the celebration of May 28, which commemorates the formation of the first Republic of Armenia, is deeply rooted in my sense of self. It serves as a touching reminder that the future I envision for both myself and my country is intrinsically intertwined with the foundation of independence.”


What message do you want to send to Danes and people internationally on this day?


“Denmark’s longstanding celebration of its constitution, grounded in democratic values, serves as an inspiration for countries who fight for their independence and democracy worldwide. Despite the geographical and cultural differences, we share a common understanding of the fundamental significance of self-determination, independence and democratic governance. In Armenia, we are currently facing factual threats, including the looming presence of colonialist forces, emanating from non-democratic and dictatorial countries that may be geographically close to us but differ greatly in terms of values and future aspirations. In this regard I want to extend my deepest gratitude to all those who show their support on our journey. Your solidarity reinforces our commitment to safeguarding our hard-earned independence, ensuring it remains firmly in the hands of the people in Armenia.”