Re-thinking an abandoned Soviet-era building: Urban Camp + Education Hub

The project builds on an earlier initiative in which a large abandoned Soviet-era culture house in the city of Lviv was transformed into a residence for internally displaced people while also providing community activity space on its ground floor. The center is called the “Urban Camp,” and has facilitated dignified living for displaced during the war and serves as a communal space for the local community, providing public play areas, events, and activities.


This project aims to develop the cultural house further by revitalising the third floor and establishing the “Urban Camp Education Hub.” This hub will serve as a training center that amalgamates the expertise of the involved organisations, offering educational, artistic, and cultural activities. These activities are designed to support the mental and social well-being of Ukrainian children and youths in Lviv.

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This project is supported by New Cooperation Mechanism.



Organisations involved


GAME is working for social change through youth-led street sports and culture in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Game trains youth leaders as instructors and role models in street sports and civic engagement, and establishes innovative facilities and supports street sports & culture communities and entrepreneurs.


Street Culture is a Ukrainian non-profit organisation that focus on community building with street sports and culture as an integral to their approach. Street Culture offers a range of activities, including breakdance, skateboarding, BMX, DJing, street dancing, graffiti, beatboxing, and parkour, that provide young people with a sense of purpose and belonging.


Urban Reform is a Ukrainian non-profit organisation from Ukraine that works with cities on various levels, from strategies to urban design projects. Their team consists of architects, landscape and urban planners.

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