Change Agents for a Green Society

This initiative was supported by The New Democracy Fund through the New Cooperation Fund.

About the project

This project focuses on how to transition the Ukrainian heating system from the current fossil-fuel-based heating system to renewable energy. The project aims at creating an online resource library, a catalogue listing simple energy-saving solutions that are easy to implement. Through the project, multiple webinars are hosted discussing solutions for renewable energy transition of district heating. Furthermore, the project carries out an analysis of waste heat and geothermal heat potentials for district heating in Ukraine.

About the organisations

Nordisk Folkecenter is a knowledge and activity centre working to assist and guide in the green transition, in particular, in renewable energy. Nordisk Folkecenter was founded in 1983, and researches renewable energy technologies; wind, solar power and solar heating, wave, hydrogen, biogas, LED lighting, microgrids, energy saving and storage, environmentally sound building materials and building designs, waste-water treatment, and how to sort waste and reduce waste in general.


Ecoaction is a civil society organization that unites the efforts of experts and activists in a joint struggle to protect the environment. The organization advocates for energy efficiency, renewable energy, countering climate change, clean air for all, just transition of coal regions and sustainable development of transport and agriculture in Ukraine.


Renewable Energy Agency (REA) has experience with development of plans and analysis for renewable energy transitions, including identifying renewable energy and energy efficiency potentials, as well as development of online materials for renewable energy and energy efficiency.


International Network for Sustainable Energy (INFORSE) is a Danish-registered partner that is the European part of an international network of civil society organizations. Since its formation in 1992, it has organized CSOs working for the transition to sustainable use of renewable energy focusing on citizens’ participation in the transition, climate action, and reduction of poverty.

Project details
Country Ukraine
Thematic areas Climate, Youth
Funding New Cooperation Fund
Time frame August 2022 – December 2022
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