Emergency Assistance to “Media-Pohliad” and “Vchasno”

This initiative was supported by The New Democracy Fund through the Rapid Response Fund.

About the initiative

This initiative strives to ensure the safety of the work of independent journalists from “Media-Pohliad” NGO and the “Vchasno” Editorial Office in war conditions. Hereby, the initiative supports the deliver of reliable information to the population about events in the East of Ukraine and in the country as a whole, resisting propaganda.


The project will work towards providing the population of Eastern Ukraine with an independent, truthful source of news – this is necessary since the population is exposed to propaganda from the occupied territories. Furthermore, it will provide information about the assistance of international organisations and foreign media channels. The project will, through the editorial office, provide rations, humanitarian missions, and volunteer organisations.

About the organisation

“Media-Pohliad” non-governmental organisation is a community of independent journalists from the east of Ukraine who work in the front-line zone of Donetsk Oblast in condition of the Russian military aggression. In 2015, Media-Pohliad created an independent information resource “Vchasno”, which has become one of the leading media in the region. Here, journalists publish anti-corruption investigations, create content to counter propaganda and disinformation, support the development of democracy, and the implementation of reforms in Ukraine.

Partner organisation

International Media Support is part of the consortium behind The New Democracy Fund. International Media Support is the largest development organisation in the Nordic Region. They work in more than 30 countries across four continents promoting press freedom, good journalism, and safety for journalists.

Project details
Country Ukraine
Thematic areas Media
Funding Rapid Response Fund
Project start March 2022
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