The Youth Summit 2021

Together with the Ukrainian-Danish Youth House, The New Democracy Fund (NDF) was present at the Youth Summit 2021 in Copenhagen.


Our mission at the summit was to:

  • spread awareness and information about the New Democracy Fund (NDF) and the Eastern Neighbourhood Countries
  • gather information and point of views from the Danish youth
  • strengthen our network among the 18,000 students, teachers, and organisations who attended the summit.

To the best of our belief we succeded.

Our activities

At our stand we presented a broad range of activities, including a map of Europe with the text saying: “Where have you been?” Two days and a couple of hundreds of pins later we could conclude that most of the students mainly went west when traveling Europe. We had a lot of great conversations with the young people about why Eastern Europe is forgotten when choosing a travel destination.

We also had conversation cards which we used as a tool to engage the young people in conversations about the five themes we work within. We talked about broader subject such as one’s definition of democracy as well as more tangible subjects like the importance of a good work life.


At the festival site we sought out the young people to ask them if they wanted to share what democracy is to them. The aim was to start a dialogue and learn more about the youth’s perception of democracy, as youth engagement is an important part of our work.


Finally we had a quiz on stage about the Eastern Neighbourhood Countries (ENC) – around 50-60 young people participated.


We tested the young participant’s knowledge about the Eastern Neighbourhood Countries. Music, food, culture, geography, and many more categories were involved.

We were met with a lot of engagement and enthusiasm and the participants left wiser on the ENC-region.

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