Yuliya Zakolyabina

The 24th of August carries profound significance for Ukrainians who are fighting for their independence as a sovereign nation, preserving their culture and identity, and securing their very existence. Here you can read Yuliya Zakolyabina’s thoughts on why it is a significant day, and what it means to her personally.


Why is this day significant?


“For centuries, Ukraine has carried the weight of foreign domination and oppression, enduring restrictions on our language and culture. Our struggle for independence, ending in 1991, was a pivotal moment, granting us the chance to shape our own destiny, embrace our language, and celebrate our heritage without fear. This day has gained special significance in the current times when we are yet again to prove our determination to be a free nation and flourish on our own terms. It stands as a testament to the resilience of Ukrainians, our ability to rise above adversity, and stand strong against all odds.”


Why is this day significant to you personally?


“On a personal level, this day holds immense significance. Witnessing the courage of my fellow Ukrainians in the fight for freedom, I feel a profound responsibility to uphold the values that define us. The 24th of August is a day when I am especially empowered, a reminder of the sacrifices made by previous generations so that I can proudly call myself a citizen of Ukraine.”


What message would you like to send to Danes and people internationally on this day?


“Independence Day of Ukraine is not only a celebration of our nation’s sovereignty but also a reminder of the universal ideals that bind us together as a European family. I am deeply grateful for every bit of support that Ukraine received during the recent years from its partners across the globe, but we must remember that the quest for freedom and justice continues; and the darkness we are fighting against can be won only by the power of unity.”