1: How to find a partner

Want to make an international cooperation, but unsure how to find a partner?


On this page we invite you to hear our seven best tips for finding and establishing sustainable international partnerhips.



Tip 1: Understand the Danish Civil Society Landscape

Familiarize yourself with the Danish civil society landscape, including its funding sources, legal regulations, and cultural context. The history of civil society in Denmark is rooted in a long tradition of active citizen engagement and social cooperation.



Tip 2: Identify a potential partner organisation

Start by researching online for Danish CSOs that align with your organization’s mission and objectives. Look for organizations working in similar areas of interest. Eligible actors also include associations, voluntary organisations and academic institutions. Find contact information for the key personnel or departments within the Danish CSOs you’re interested in partnering with.



Tip 3: Build a strong relationship with your partner

Attend relevant conferences, seminars, or events to network with potential partners. Building personal connections can be invaluable. Join the networking event planned by the NDF in December 2023 – see exact dates on NDF website and social media.



Tip 4: Prepare a well-structured concept note and project budget

Prepare a well-structured concept note that outlines your organization’s goals, the specific project or initiative you’d like to collaborate on, and the potential benefits for both parties. Present a detailed budget for the proposed project, including how funds will be utilized. Highlight any in-kind contributions or resources your organization can provide.


Showcase your organization’s track record, expertise, and the positive impact you’ve made in your community or region. Emphasize how this partnership can amplify those efforts.


Clearly articulate how your organization’s values and goals align with those of the Danish CSOs. Emphasize shared values and objectives.




Tip 5: Make a sustainability plan

Provide a plan for the sustainability of the partnership beyond the initial project, including how you intend to secure future funding and support.



Tip 6: Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Ensure your organization complies with all legal and regulatory requirements for international partnerships and funding.



Tip 7: Ensure good communication with your partner organisation

Maintain open and transparent communication with potential partners throughout the negotiation process. Be responsive and open to feedback.

New Democracy Fund supports project within the following thematic areas:

  • Green just transition
  • Culture
  • Gender
  • Labor market
  • Media
  • Youth

By contacting our secretariat, we will help you get in touch with experts or organisations within each theme and/or civil society sector.