Theatre for Inclusivity in Armenia: Empowering Youth with Disabilities

In Armenia marginalized young people often face exclusion from civil society due to a lack of understanding of democratic processes and embedded exclusion in the national governance system. This project focuses on empowering the youth to advocate for human rights, disability inclusion, social justice, and democratic values. It emphasises the potential of young individuals with disabilities as community change-makers. After comprehensive capacity-building workshops, youth with disabilities will take central roles in the project. These young people will not only participate in inclusive theatre productions but also engage with peers at educational institutions, using performances to raise awareness and initiate discussions on social issues. This amplifies the project’s impact, inspiring a broader group of youth to become advocates for social justice and equality. An exchange programme for empowered Armenian youth to visit Denmark will deepen connections and enhance cultural understanding, fostering ongoing collaboration between Armenian and Danish youth.


Organisations involved


Bridge of Hope is an NGO in Armenia, established in 1996 with the goal of protecting the rights of disabled children and young people.


Mission East is an international relief and development organisation, working in crisis-affected countries in the former Soviet Union, the Middle East and Asia. We deliver emergency relief during disasters as well as long-term development assistance.

Project period

15 January 2024 – 15 January 2025

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