Empowering Moldova’s Workforce: Strengthening Trade Unions and Advancing Workers’ Rights in the Context of EU Accession

This initiative was supported by The New Democracy Fund through the New Cooperation Mechanism.

About the project

The project aims to strengthen the role of Moldova’s trade union movement, promote workers’ rights, and bring the country’s labour market closer to the standards set by the EU.


Jointly, the Danish Trade Union Development Agency (DTDA) and the National Trade Union Confederation of Moldova (CNSM) carry out trainings and capacity building to organise more members, improve branding and communications, make targeted interventions to reach and recruit more young people, and promoting safe and decent jobs.


The desired outcome is to develop a more inclusive trade union, capable of advocating for workers’ rights and interests.

About the organisations

The Danish Trade Union Development Agency (DTDA) is the Danish trade union movement’s organisation for international development cooperation. It was established in 1987 and contributes to the creation of fair democratic, social, and economic conditions for all in developing countries through the development of sustainable labour markets with social dialogue, tripartite institutions, and a democratic and well-functioning trade union movement.


National Trade Union Confederation of Moldova (CNSM) is a national interbranch trade union center which meets on voluntary basis national-branch trade union centers and is independent of public authorities, parties, and other socio-political organizations, employers’ associations, and public organizations, and shall not be subject to their control and subordination. The union was established in 2007 and is today comprising over 300 000 trade union members from all branches of the national Moldovan economy.

Project details
Country Moldova
Thematic areas Labour market
Funding New Cooperation Mechanism
Time frame October 2023 – September 2024
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