07 · 10 · 2022

New publication: Analysis of cultural policy models and mechanisms

Today, the cultural sphere of Belarus is fragmented, a wave of repression 2021-2022 eliminated most of the independent non-governmental cultural organizations in Belarus, which makes it very difficult to implement an independent cultural policy.


The Belarusian Council for Culture has – with the support of our consortium partner Danish Cultural Institute – published an analysis of cultural policy models and funding mechanisms of the cultural sector in Eastern European countries.


By analyzing financing models of culture and art in various post-Soviet countries (Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia) and European countries (Croatia, Estonia, Romania, and Switzerland), this report provides several concrete recommendations on how to support the development of the Belarusian cultural sector.


A special thanks to The Belarusian Council for Culture and Danish Cultural Institute who has initiated this report, and to the Belarusian experts who prepared the analysis, and Coalition of the Independent Cultural Sector of Moldova, CuMa Lab, Belarusian Pen Centre, EuroBelarus, and Forum Civ for contributing to the analysis.


Read the full analysis here.

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